What I've Learned From My 40 Years on This Planet

Taken on my 40th Birthday Trip to Costa Rica. This art is part of a beautification project by a local artist.

Taken on my 40th Birthday Trip to Costa Rica. This art is part of a beautification project by a local artist.

On October 6th I hit a milestone in my life. I turned 40. It's so funny because when I was a kid 40 seemed so old to me. Now that I'm in my 40th year I actually feel like someone hit the reset button. I'm just now really starting to live again and enjoy life.

I don’t consider myself wise beyond my years by any means. However, 40 years on this planet have taught me a couple of things. Most of them are things I wish I knew when I was was younger but they are all things that I'm taking into my next 40 years.

  1. Love is relevant to the moment. That's why we can be in love with more than one person in a lifetime.
  2. People treat you how you let them treat you.
  3. Let go of your kids .. sometimes they have to learn things for themselves.
  4. Doors close all the time … but doors also open all the time.
  5. People will come and go in your life … some stay for a minute some stay longer.
  6. Accept what you can’t change. No sense stressing over the things your can't change.
  7. Not everyone is going to share the same opinion with you. That's what makes us individuals.
  8. Kids observe more than you think they do. So lead by example.
  9. Confidence is definitely attractive. 
  10. Take care of your body. It’s only right.
  11. It’s OK to put yourself first.
  12. Life doesn’t end after divorce.
  13. Sometimes Moms learn from kids. More than you realize.
  14. A secret is only a secret if only you know it.
  15. Change is inevitable. 
  16. Listen to the music of artist that sing how you want to feel. Feel good music will make you feel good.
  17. Not everybody you meet will have manners. That's just life.
  18. Love people for who they are not who you want them to be.
  19. Everyone should talk to a therapist at least once in their life.
  20. Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. So, tell it something good everyday.
  21. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow.
  22. Feeling sorry for yourself really gets you nowhere.
  23. Your comfort zone is really your ceiling.
  24. There is always someone more worse off than you.
  25. Travel when you can, your soul will thank you.
  26. People won’t like you and they won’t have a reason but you don’t need a reason to continue doing you.
  27. There’s no right or wrong way to raise your kids.
  28. When you’re feeling down .. dress up and definitely show up.
  29. Learning how to be alone makes you a much happier person.
  30. There are time when you should stand your ground and there are time when you should just walk away.
  31. There are times to be strong and there are times it's OK to be vulnerable.
  32. Spend as much time as you can in the present.
  33. If you keep an outfit long enough it will come back in style.
  34. You won't die if you go without your Cell Phone for an hour or even a day.
  35. It's never too late to changes things in your life.
  36. Don't wait for someone to spoil you. Do it yourself.
  37. People will always make time for the things and people that are important to them.
  38. You will never have control over every aspect of your life and that ok.
  39. The taller the heel on a shoe the better your legs look. #girlscience
  40. Some things are never meant to be said out loud but you won't realize what they are until after you've said them.

I think it's always great to step back and embrace the lessons we've learned. This was a great time for me to do that for myself. 

What are some of your life lessons? Share them with me in the comments.