Why I Model The Swimsuits for my Online Boutique

So I just opened an online swimwear boutique. It’s a small startup but it’s mine and I take pride in it. I'm writing about this because this was one of my bucket list items.



You can check it out by clicking Here  (shameless plug).

On my site and on social media you will see photos of me in the suits (eventually I will recruit models but for now it’s just me). 



I’m a proud Mom of two. No, I don’t have the perfect body. Yes, I do workout very hard(6-7 days a week) and yes I love to be at the beach or by the pool. No, I’m definitely not ashamed to put on whatever swimsuit I want. Even on the days when I’m bloated or those days when I haven’t worked out my hardest and I’m having trouble keeping my body fat down (don’t judge it took years to get to where I am today). But guess what? I’m a woman that’s proud of my body even if it isn’t perfect. I am confident in my body image even when no one else is.



I am a role model for my daughter. I want to teach her that it’s important to love your body. Of course there will always be some part of your body that you will want to change or make better. We’re only human and those thoughts will always cross our minds. However, as you work to improve yourself be proud of who you are, where you are in life and your future journey. I need her to know that no mater your age, shape or size, you are beautiful. And no matter how she decides to show that I am 100% behind her.

I am proud of my body and my new swimsuit boutique and I just want her, as well as every young lady and woman who clicks on my website or social media to know that my suits are for everyone. Be proud of who you are and wear whatever swimsuit you choose. You are beautiful now and forever.

This, my friends, is why I choose to model my own swimsuits. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable selling a suit I wouldn’t wear myself. So even when I venture out and start to have others model them, know that you will always see at least one photo of me in the suits. I will only offer products that I would proudly wear myself.