Juicing For The First Time

I've been drinking cold pressed organic juices a lot lately. I'm enjoying them and I can see how they're benefiting my body in so many ways. I have tons of energy, I sleep better at night and my skin is looking refreshed. Those are just a few of the benefits I've been enjoying since I've been juicing.

The benefits out way the costs by far, however cost was definitely becoming a factor. At $7-$10 per juice I wanted to see if juicing on my own would be a little less expensive.  So over the holidays I purchased a juice for myself. Honestly I didn't give much thought into which juicer I would get. I went for the Magic Bullet Juice because I use to have the original Magic Bullet.

First off, the juicer is way bigger than I was thinking it would be. It's not huge and it fits on my kitchen counter just fine. I just was expecting something smaller.

So after it sat on my counter for a couple of weeks and after I got over the initial overwhelming feeling, I jumped right in and made my first juice. I had a bit of craving for some carrot juice so with the help my my Mini Me that's what I made. 

How did we decide what we were going to mix with the carrots? I just referenced one of the juices that I have been drinking from the local juice bar. Of course they don't tell you how much of a certain fruit or veggie they use so we had to wing it. 

So let's do the math. To get one full glass of juice we used the following ingredients. We used Organic items because Mini Me felt that was the whole purpose of doing it ourselves.  To get the all natural and healthier alternative.

  • 3 organic green apples - $3.50
  • 5 organic carrots - $1.30
  • 1 lemon - $.79 (I will only use half next time .. A whole one made it a little to tart).

Total spent $5.59

I could probably do it for cheaper but we just literally ran into Whole Foods and grabbed some stuff. 

My honest opinion is on a lazy day I would probably pay the little bit of extra money for the convenience of buying a ready made juice. This is until I get the hang of it of course.

If you have and receipts and suggestions please share them in the comments. I would love to hear from you.