Healthy Snacking With Bakerly

It's been a couple of years since I've been on my health and fitness journey. It's a journey that has taught me a lot about my body. I have a better understanding of what works for me and what doesn't. Looking for foods that contain natural ingredients have become more important to me over the years. Not just for me but for my kids as well. Finding products that are both tasty and healthy can be a challenge. And with so many different options I'm always open to trying new things. 


Being introduced to Bakerly was exciting for me and I was happy to receive this box of goods to taste and share with my family. They offer products that contain simple ingredients. AlI are non-GMO, which means all ingredients are natural and farm fresh. You can't beat that when looking for foods to stock your kitchen cupboards. I took a look at the label and I was sold on letting my kids have a go at some of the Bakerly products. What I really like about these yummy baked goods are that all are made with wheat floor. I gave up white flour years ago so finding breads and snacks like these that are made out of wheat flour is definately a plus. 


The big test was seeing if the kids would like them. So basically all I did was leave everything on the kitchen counter to see if the kids would even give them a try. I was surprised to see that I didn't even have to suggest they try any of it. They dug right in on their own. The crepes were the favorite of the bunch. Those went the fastest. I noticed they would just grab one from the pack on the way out the door. They turned out to be a great grab and go snack. What was my favorite? I gotta say I am fan of the Brioche Rolls. Light and fluffy, definitely not heavy on the tummy. When my Mom stopped by she didn't hesitate to grab a piece. I'm sure I'll be ordering more of those soon. 


I really didn't have any expectations before receiving this package but I am definatly shocked with how perfectly I was able to incorporate these goodies into my health and fitness routine.


The products in this post were sent to me compliments of but the opinions and views are all my own.