Scrubee Body Butter By Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is the maker of some amazing natural body products and they have a body butter that’s great in helping to develop smooth skin.

I live about 30 minutes away from that closest Lush store. So I don’t get to buy their products that often. Part of the reason is, I’m just too lazy to drive that far. I know you’re thinking why not just order online. Well I’m the kind of shopper who likes to touch, smell and see a product like this before I buy it.

The other day while in the area, I included the Lush store on the itinerary . While in the store I got a live demonstration on their body butters. I love that about Lush, you get to try most of the products in the store before you buy them. The sales associates are a wealth of knowledge and I like to pick their brain to make sure I know exactly how the products are supposed to be used and what they do.

The Scrubee Body Butter is an exfoliating moisturizer in the bar form. Do you know what that means? You’re moisturizing and exfoliating without the mess of a normal loose scrub. The ground almonds exfoliates, while the coconut oil, honey, cocoa and shea butter moisturize. To us the Scrubee just rub the bar on wet skin and massage the oil into the skin. Then rise and pat dry.

Lush Scrubee Body Butter

Type: Body Butter/Scrub

What It Does: Moisturizes & Exfoliates

Price Point: $7.95

Where To Purchase: Lush Stores - in store/online