How To Take a Great Selfie

You see, when I ask someone to take my pic it normally never comes out they way I want. And let's face it, how many people do you know that are going to sit there and keep taking your pic until you're happy with the outcome. I don't know too many. I mean, my son is pretty good and knows what I want. He's even very willing to work with me. But after a while the poor kid can only take so much. 

Why I Model The Swimsuits for my Online Boutique

I’m a proud Mom of two. No, I don’t have the perfect body. Yes, I do workout very hard(6-7 days a week) and yes I love to be at the beach or by the pool. No, I’m definitely not ashamed to put on whatever swimsuit I want. Even on the days when I’m bloated or those days when I haven’t worked out my hardest and I’m having trouble keeping my body fat down (don’t judge it took years to get to where I am today). But guess what? I’m a woman that’s proud of my body even if it isn’t perfect. I am confident in my body image even when no one else is.