2016 Bucket List

It's 2016 and just like everyone else I have a list of things I would like to accomplish this year. I thought sharing them with you would keep me on the right track. I decided to throw my New Year resolutions in too. Why not?!

Bucket List

Dallas, TX (Really Allen, TX but we fly into Dallas - Gymnastics Completion for Daughter)

Houston, TX (Gymnastics Completion for Daughter)

Los Angeles, CA (Do as much as I possibly can)

St Petersburg, FL (Watch the sunset)

Tampa, FL (Busch Gardens)

Williston, FL (Devil's Den - snorkeling)

Homestead, FL (Coral Castle)

Rhode Island (Gymnastics Completion for Daughter)

Convention, GA (Visit the site where Vampire Diary is filmed)

Hot Air Balloon (I need to do this sooo bad).



Read 7 Books (this may be ambitious - I read very slow and I have a hard time reading at home) - Read 2 so far 

Start getting regular professional pedicures (I do them myself right now).

Host 1 Meet-up a month (already missed January but I have scheduled for Feb & Mar).

Open an online boutique (Swimsuits and t-shirt? - working on it) - www.exploringshawna.bigcartel.com

Visit at least one new restaurant a month. ( done for January)

Learn how to -  then open up some major investments. (reading up)

What's on your bucket list and what are your resolutions? The more you share, speak and think about them, the more likely you are to accomplish them.