Visiting Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

This had been the year of stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing things I wouldn't normally do. As part of my 40th birthday celebration I decided to head to Costa Rica for some out of the box adventure.

Jaco Beach has black sand... this is the first time I've ever seen black sand ... amazing!!

Jaco Beach is located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. It's a bustling little beach town and I had the best time. At first I was a little worried about going to a Spanish speaking county. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to communicate because I don't speak Spanish. However after some research I realized that most of the natives actually speak very good English.

Some of the best Ice cream I've had from a little shop in Jaco Town.

High Points of my Trip

  • I went during October - This is off season in Jaco. The town is less crowed during this time and the tours sizes are smaller.
  • I stayed at the Croc's Casino Resort - It's one of the newer hotels on the island. The staff is attentive and very friendly.
  • The food is amazing and very inexpensive - The cocktail were under $4 and you could get a full meal for less than $10. I got a meal with 4 lobster tails for just $25.
  • Jaco is only about 1 hour and 30 mins away from San Jose Airport - It's one of the closest beaches to the that airport. With such a short commute no time is wasted getting to the hotel and starting vacation.
  • The tours were very small and my guides were amazing - Because October is rainy season which is the off season for tourism, the tour sizes were very small. This allowed for more interaction with the guides and we were able to take more time and really see the area.

My view from the balcony of my room.

I've got to say I'm so happy I pushed myself. This trip was an eye opener. I realized I not only love a relaxing, laid-back vacation, I enjoy down and dirty adventurous trips as well.  

Rocking my very special birthday bikini available in my shop

What tours did I do?

I did 2 tours on my trip. The first tour I did was a 4 hour ATV waterfall tour. OMG ... I LOVED IT!!! This was my first time ever on an ATV and my guide Pachy from An Xtreme Rider was so patient with me. He allowed me to do a practice run to make sure I was comfortable enough to take the 4 hour ride into the rain forest to explore the waterfalls. It was rainy, the terrain was kinda difficult but I handled it like a pro. We stopped at two waterfalls. The second one was the beauty. I'll let the pics speak.

In front of the Avatar Tree on the way to the rain forest.

The first waterfall on our way through the rain forest.

The gem ... the second waterfall deep in the rain forest.

A better look at the waterfall.

The second tour I did was a ziplining and waterfall repelling tour. We did a 20 minute hike up the mountain. Then we ziplined over to a 300 hundred feet waterfall that we then repelled down. This was the first time doing either of these activities. I made it down the waterfalls with no hiccups. I was so proud of myself. But here is the joke of the day or should I say trip. I repelled safely down the the falls and then i got to the bottom of the falls and while standing at the bottom of the falls, I make a step to follow my guide to hike through the forest and bust my ass on a some slippery rocks LOL. Came back with a nasty bruise on my Ass, on my legs and my arms. Oh well, it's not a real vacation unless I fall. My kids can tell you, I've fallen on almost every vacation we've gone on in the last 4 years. Not sure what it is but we laugh about it all the time. 

About 300 feet up. Getting ready to zip-line,

Look how huge this tree is!!

Repelling down the waterfalls.

This trip just fed my wanderlust and I'm so ready to take another one. 

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my 40th Birthday.