The Devil's Den - Our Mini Florida Road Trip Pt1

Spring is in the air and that mean spring break for the kids. I always try to do a little something with them to help them relax, refresh and get rid of some stress. They're approaching the end of the school year by spring and it could be hard to stay focused as they approach the finish line and.get closer to summer break.

Devil's Den

This year I decided I would do a girl's trip with my daughter and her BFF.  I had been reading about The Devil's Den online and I've seen quite a few pictures on Instagram so I wanted to drive up there and see what it was all about. My plan was to drive up to Welliston to the Devil's Den and then drive over to St Petersburg and spend a couple of days there.

The day we left I got the girls up early to hit the road. We had a 4 1/2 hour drive from my house to Welliston and I wanted to get there with enough time to experience everything. I predicted an easy drive. Unfortunately we encountered 2 accidents on the way. The first one just slowed us down by about 20 mins. Not bad just a little delay. The second one completely stopped us for about 30 mins. The sad thing about that was we where about half an hour away from our destination.

Devil's Den traffic jam

We eventually made it to the Devil's Den at about 1 pm. Somehow I had it in my head that we would get there, rent our snorkeling gear and down into the cave we would go. The reality was we got there and had to wait 2 hours for snorkeling gear to become available. I think it's time to invest in gear of our own.

Devil's Den 2
Devil's Den 5

During this time we decided we would explore the property. I was looking forward to laying out by the small lake in the middle of the property. However, there were signs posted telling everyone there was "No swimming." It was pretty bad and believe me at the sight of it I wouldn't want to put even a toenail in that water. It was covered in green moss and as we walked around it I saw a couple of dead fish. It was quite sad. No one could really tell me what was going on but I believe it has to do with the run off of fertilizer from farms in the area. I was still very beautiful.  

Devil's Den 3

Next we made our way over to the pool and relaxed there until we got the call that our equipment was ready.  Finally at around 3pm we geared up and headed down the stair about 60 feet into the Devil's Den Cave. 

Devil's Den Pool

Now everything I've read says the water down there is 72 degrees year round. But honestly to me that water felt more like 40 degrees easy. 40 degrees? What the Hell did I get us into? But we traveled a long way to experience this place and we weren't going to let freezing water turn us away. So the girls and I sucked it up and dove right in. 

Devil's Den Cave

We stayed in the water for as long as we possibly could. We explored, took pictures and just made a mental note of the experience. None of us had ever done anything like this before and I'm so glad I got to share this with them. After about an hour though our lips were starting to turning blue and we knew we needed to get of the water soon. As we were standing there trying to decide if we would take one more dip our just call it a day you wouldn't believe what were heard. Or maybe you would. We heard what sounded like a bat. (We were in a cave after all). A bat ...oh hell No!! That made the decision quite easy. It was definitely time to go. 

Over all we had a great time. The girls are still talking about.

Stay tuned for my recap of the second half of our trip.