5 Ways To Explore Your Own Backyard

Travel and exploration doesn't always mean you have to buy an airplane ticket or drive cross county. How many people can safely say they know every inch of their state or better yet their city. Not many I'm sure. All this talk about travel and we think it has to involve going out of the county or state. But the truth is you can find adventure anywhere even in your backyard. There are probably so many places in your area that you still don't even know about. They are waiting for you to explore them. Here's how to find them.

  1. Take a Tour of Your City - Go online, find a city tour and book it. What better way to learn more bout the area you live in than by taking a tour of that city. These tours usually come with a tour guide who will  explain the history of the area. So you're not only seeing your city from a different point of  view but you'll probably learn something new as well. When I did the sunset boat tour of Biscayne Bay earlier this year I learned so much about Miami that I didn't know before.
  2. Visit a New Restaurant - There are tons of great restaurants, many of which you still don't know exist. I normally use Yelp to find top rated restaurants in different areas. A couple of times depending on where the restaurant is located I've gone for a walk to explore the area after dinner.
  3. Take a Trip to the Museum - The exhibits at museums are constantly changing and there are tons to choose from. Whether your interest is art, science or local culture you can find a museum to accommodate just about any interest. If you have kids there are also children museums that have exhibits to spark their interests. I googled museums in my area and I'm still surprised at how many there are. There are quite a few I haven't been to yet, so you know I added them to my list. 
  4. Plan a Picnic at the Beach - This is the easiest and least expensive item on the list. All you have to do is pack a bag, get in the car and go.  Admission is normally free and you can't beat that. The other day I drove 30 minutes north to explore a beach I had never been to before. As I sit and think about it that's really a shame since I've lived in Florida for most of my life.
  5. Explore Local Festivals - Now a days it seems there's always some type of festival going on. Food, craft, wine, and music are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. There are always some interesting characters at these things that always make for a good time. 

How are you exploring your neighborhood?