Dallas In A Weekend

On my bucket list  you'll see a trip to Dallas/Allen, TX.

Well, guess what?  That has happen!


My main purpose for the visit was to go to the Dallas T&T Cup in which my daughter was competing. T&T stands for Trampoline and Tumbling. It consists of 3 events ... Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini Trampoline (which is referred to as Double Mini). It's a national competition with thousand of gymnasts from around the country competing. What an amazing experience for my daughter as well as my son and myself.


I knew once I found out we were going that I definitely wanted to try to get a little sightseeing in, if possible. 

We arrived on Thursday to a temperature of 35 degrees and hail storms. All I could think was what did I just walk into? Is it going to be like this the entire time? Well the answer is yes it would be freezing the entire time (Lord help me) and no we wouldn't have to fight through any more hail storms (what a relief). 

Thursday was practice day for my baby girl. It's good for the gymnasts to get familiar with the equipment they will compete on. Man the talent that I was able to witness at that meet. The Elite Athletes (Olympic hopefuls) where just unbelievable. Baby Girl was able to get her practice in and get her mind right for competition the next morning.

Friday consisted of competition early in the morning, a nice size break and then more competition later in the afternoon. This meant we had time to ourselves to explore.

When I checked Yelp I found out that South Fork Ranch was 15 minutes away from our hotel. If you don't know South Fork, it's the home of the 80's TV series Dallas and America's favorite dysfunctional family The Ewings. The most famous one of course being JR Ewing. I use to watch this show with my Mom when I was a kid. I know I'm showing my age but the memories it brought back made me so excited about going to check it out. 

When I pitched the idea to the kids, as you could imagine they weren't on board at all. So I told them we were going  to the mall and kidnapped them for a couple hours of TV history. You can imagine they weren't happy when we got there and they realized the mall was only the cover to get them to go with me. They where good sports though and humored me. They always humor me on our adventures and we always have a great time.


Saturday afternoon was filled with more competition. When we were finally done and were able to celebrate my Baby Girl's first national meet and her wins ( I'm so proud of her) it was off to get something to eat. We stumbled across a place on Yelp that sounded like it was definitely worth a try. 

The Twisted Root Burger Company was our dinner spot for the evening .... Man was I happy we found it. The atmosphere was light and the food was delicious. They offer a variety of wild game meat and was set up like a drive-in. A definite must try if ever in the area.  


That evening one of the other parents suggested we take the kids ice skating at the Galleria Mall in Downtown Dallas. I don't think I've ever seen a mall this big. You know what, big isn't the word ... Huge would be a better word to describe it. Four stories of glory with an ice skating rink in the middle. I think that saying "Everything is bigger in Texas" might be true lol.


We had such a great time. Dallas was definitely good to us. Hope to be back next year.