Exploring Miami - Helicopter Ride

We're constantly changing. Every life event, every person we meet and every decision we make leads us to a greater understanding of ourselves. This includes exploring yourself as well as the world around you. Sometimes exploring yourself can simply mean exploring the world around you. This is what Exploring Shawna means to me. Learning about myself by exploring life and the world around me.


Taking a helicopter ride has always been on my bucket list also known as the "I wanna do that someday" list. I really gotta do better at getting out there and doing things. So when my birthday trip to Vegas fell through I decided now would be the perfect time to do this. So I turned to my new bestfriend Groupon, found a deal and quickly booked it. 


I was a little nervous having never done anything like this before but I was determined to get past this and enjoy it. So if you've never been on a helicopter ride here's how it goes.

The first thing after checking in is getting weighed. Really wasn't expecting that but there is a weight limit on the helicopter so they have to make sure they don't go over it. Then I was shuffled into a little room where there is a safety briefing. This is basically a short video that explains what to do in case of an emergency and all the safety procedures.


Total passengers for our flight that day was 3. It was me and a couple from over seas. It's a very imitate group since the helicopter can only hold up to about 4 people not including the pilot. Once we were done with the briefing it was off to the helicopter and since I was flying solo I got to sit in the front. How cool is that?

I was nervous wondering if my tummy would be about to handle the feeling of flying in such a small aircraft but the entire flight was very smooth. From take off to landing I didn't feel a thing. I felt like I was on my own private tour of Miami. The couple in the back didn't speak much English so they said nothing the entire flight. It was just me and the pilot discussing places we've frequented all over the city. The view was breath-taking and I'm not just saying that cause Miami is my home. It truly is a gorgeous City. The best part, I would have to say, is flying along the beach. They fly parallel to the shoreline so it's miles of endless ocean on one side and gorgeous Miami Beach on the other side.


On the way back we flew over Biscayne Bay where our pilot pointed out the houses of stars like Beyonce, Lil Wayne  and Dwayne Wade.


This helicopter ride made me realize there is so much more to life. Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day and forget this world is bigger than our normal routine. I forget it doesn't hurt to step outside of my comfort zone. I should always remember to explore. 


**The photos in this post were purchased in a package provided by Miami Helicopter.