Weekend Trip To Allen, TX

The first trip of the year is officially under my belt. January 2017 brought Mini Me and I to her first out of state gymnastic competition for the season. For this we headed to Allen,TX. I was so ready to get out of town too. I was becoming kind of antsy since my last trip was back in October of last year. 

Texas weather can be just as bipolar as Florida weather so I was happy we weren't arriving to below freezing temperatures. No North Face jacket required on this trip, although it got pretty cold at night. I think the coldest it got was 39 degrees which was tolerable. Mini Me was in paradise since she loves the cold weather. 

Mini Me killed it and brought home a gold medal in tumbling. This was an amazing feat since she originally decided to quit tumbling because she was having a mental block. But about a month before this competition she decided to give it another try. It's funny how things work out. I couldn't be more proud of her for putting aside her fears and just going for it. 

While there I found a great little coffee spot named Saxby's that I stopped by quite a few times on our stay to get my coffee fix. They got my order right and I didn't even miss Starbucks the entire weekend. Loved it!!

We also found a Build Your Own Pizza spot named Pie Five Pizza Co. I love these type of restaurants because it guarantees I get exactly the type of pizza I want. The pizza was good but I think they could have kept it in the oven a little longer. 

One of the other restaurants I really enjoyed while we were in Allen was Mooyah  where I got a damn good burger. Nothing beats a good burger and this place delivered.

To Finish off our trip the entire T&T Gymnastics team headed to Top Golf. This was a first visit for me. The best way I can describe it is, Dave & Busters but for golf. We had a minor hiccup with ordering and getting our group situated in a bay big enough to accommodate our large group. The service was horrible but the kids had a great time. In the end that's all that really mattered. I found out there will be one opening in Miami Gardens soon. I definetly want to plan a visit. I'm sure the experience will be much better. 

Over all, our trip was short but jam packed. Mini Me brought home a GOLD medal in tumbling and all was right in the our world. 

Want to see how our trip went? Watch my Vlog video below.