Adventures in Wonderland, Newport, Rhode Island

This is my favorite pic of my Baby Girl from our Rhode Island trip. While exploring Newport we found a library. Baby girl loves library and book stores. So, naturally she wanted to go in and explore. However, it was set up kind of weird and we couldn't find an open entrance. We decide to trying going around to what we thought was the side of the building but finally figured out it was closed. I took this pic while we were trying to find the entrance. Something about this place reminded us so much of Alice in Wonderland. 

At the end of this path to the left of the little hut was a rabbit. He wasn't a white rabbit. I think if he was, that would have been creepy lol. Baby Girl turned to me softly asked, "What if he leads us to the rabbit hole to wonderland?" We both looked at each other and just laughed.

I slowly walk up to him and he starts hopping away. Those things go faster than I thought. 

As he's hopping away she yells, " Follow him Mom, follow him!!"  Lol so we took off chasing him to see where he would go. You only live once and when adventure calls you should definitely answer. We chased him until he ended up under a bush too small for us follow anymore. We decided that it was time to let Mr. Rabbit be.

Although we never made it to wonderland, for a few seconds we found an adventure that we will remember for a lifetime.