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Weekend Trip To Allen, TX

Travel Blog

Weekend Trip To Allen, TX

Shawna Miller

The first trip of the year is officially under my belt. January 2017 brought Mini Me and I to her first out of state gymnastic competition for the season. For this we headed to Allen,TX. I was so ready to get out of town too. I was becoming kind of antsy since my last trip was back in October of last year. 

Texas weather can be just as bipolar as Florida weather so I was happy we weren't arriving to below freezing temperatures. No North Face jacket required on this trip, although it got pretty cold at night. I think the coldest it got was 39 degrees which was tolerable. Mini Me was in paradise since she loves the cold weather. 

Mini Me killed it and brought home a gold medal in tumbling. This was an amazing feat since she originally decided to quit tumbling because she was having a mental block. But about a month before this competition she decided to give it another try. It's funny how things work out. I couldn't be more proud of her for putting aside her fears and just going for it. 

While there I found a great little coffee spot named Saxby's that I stopped by quite a few times on our stay to get my coffee fix. They got my order right and I didn't even miss Starbucks the entire weekend. Loved it!!

We also found a Build Your Own Pizza spot named Pie Five Pizza Co. I love these type of restaurants because it guarantees I get exactly the type of pizza I want. The pizza was good but I think they could have kept it in the oven a little longer. 

One of the other restaurants I really enjoyed while we were in Allen was Mooyah  where I got a damn good burger. Nothing beats a good burger and this place delivered.

To Finish off our trip the entire T&T Gymnastics team headed to Top Golf. This was a first visit for me. The best way I can describe it is, Dave & Busters but for golf. We had a minor hiccup with ordering and getting our group situated in a bay big enough to accommodate our large group. The service was horrible but the kids had a great time. In the end that's all that really mattered. I found out there will be one opening in Miami Gardens soon. I definetly want to plan a visit. I'm sure the experience will be much better. 

Over all, our trip was short but jam packed. Mini Me brought home a GOLD medal in tumbling and all was right in the our world. 

Want to see how our trip went? Watch my Vlog video below.